The Quasar Pro-size comes in a pack of three colours, same as the SLR version.
These give similar effects Quasar Pro-flash Bouncers.

The white version is the most useful for wedding photographers,
as it enhances skin tones against the white dress and veil

Quasar flash bouncers improve all photography
when using flashed light

At only 15.00 for a pack of three colours
they must be worth a try

for the maximum light on your subject. Loses only 1/2 a stop of light so there is no need to adjust your flash settings.

to warm up the light, giving sun-tanned look. Ideal for photographing darker skin tones without bleaching them

to soften the light or when using flash to in-fill dark shadows.

PLASTIC COATED BOARD shrugs off water, wipes clean.